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Malik's Transformation

Malik was Luke's first major client. Teammates at Culver-Stockton College during Luke's sophomore year, Malik followed Luke's plans and developed himself into a specimen prepared for the 2020 football season.


Malik October 2019

6'0" 152 lbs


Malik Febuary 2020

6'0" 184  lbs

"Training with Luke Changed my life, I learned hardwork isn't a dream it's a mindset"

-Malik Sylvester

"This one just felt different to me. This young man came to me at the end of my sophomore football season wanting to put on some size for next year. Never did I expect the work ethic and the commitment I got from this kid. Every ounce of his diet followed, training plan followed, to see him put on 30 pounds in 4 months, Just amazing. When I started with Malik he was 12 percent body fat so there wasn't  a whole lot of sculpting for me to do on that end, but the fact that he gained all that weight and still was only 13 percent body fat that speaks to this kid's drive, dedication, and thirst to achieve his goals. I'm happy to now not only call him a training partner but a friend and a brother, and I love just how simple he demonstrates it, if you commit to these programs you will succeed."

-Luke Schoenfielder

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