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Meet Luke

Passion, commitment, and faith, breed success through the struggles.

Luke Schoenfielder

Luke is a fitness professional, nutritionist, and NASM certified personal trainer.

In 2019 Luke had what he calls "the opportunity of my lifetime" to reach out and like many before him, take the knowledge he had developed in the fitness industry and apply it in order to become a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. 

      "It took a lot out of me, sleepless nights of studying, researching, and learning all the small moving pieces of the industry that I thought I knew so much about. Although at times it was hard and I asked if it was worth it to finish, seeing that title next to my name and knowing that I had credentials to match my knowledge made it all worth it and then some."

     Luke began his fitness journey before his freshman year of college, which began with a simple strength focus in order to prepare himself for the hard hitting world of college football. "I simply became obsessed." he said, "All my life it had been a struggle to get me into a gym but once it finally happened I couldn't quit I was spending hours a day in the gym not only to train myself but to help my friends and family get in the shape that they wanted to be in." As the obsession began to take over Luke's life he began to spend time reading and studying the fitness influences in his life including Kai Greene and Bradley Martyn. As the knowledge began to build and grow Luke looked to not just train himself to be stronger but to grow his appearance, his physique, and his health to the best of his ability. "I learned more information in that one year about fitness than I learned about anything in 12 prior years of schooling, I finally found something I was passionate about and knew what my life was going to be based around." Luke to this day laughs when people ask about school prior to college. "I mean, I was a good student I guess, but ask any of my teachers I for sure had one of the worst work ethics in that school I was just blessed with intelligence." He says it was the intelligence that got him through high school, until he finally found the world of business to turn to. After the decision to change his major from communications to pursue a masters degree in business at Culver-Stockton College, he knew he wanted to combine his love for fitness and his love for business into one for the rest of his life. "I have a lot of plans I am not gonna hide it. I want to one day own and operate my own supplement company, but for right now it is about getting my foot in the door of the fitness world and showing what I can do."

       Luke began writing his first book ARMageddon: Cataclysmic Arms, with the intent of his E books to one day be one of his mediums of educating and training athletes, fitness junkies, and the average person alike. "I want to have an influence on as many fitness journey's as I can, although I have achieved many goals, no success is as sweet as helping others achieve their's. I am beyond willing to take the necessary steps to train anyone from any walks of life because, every success story I help write, just make me hungrier to help write another." Take the first step in your journey today and turn to Luke to help you achieve YOUR fitness goals.

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